is anyone here though I need to be saved from doing pointless stuff

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hi idek what i’m doing with my life

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yeah we don’t talk about it

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i just got chills good god djhgljeghaewsjhr omf and yes of course im still down for chrae sam pls. no promises i wont fall asleep on u tho im nyquil drunk. just a little. dsghjarehds

omg shyma/nyquil is my notp honestly but who starts

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  1.  diederich-malekai said: heyooo how’s it goin

shymaaaaaaaa I did a thing bc I love to have fun and wanted to cry about it aka I read this thing

and I wanted to know if you were still down for chrae

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and the struggle of who to reply on begins #fuck

gimme tim or gimme colt or gimme o god just gimme someone

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  1.  blazecadwell said: but hello there

shyma you seem different

jk what goes on we could be ic or smth

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is there a lurking shyma about

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bailey deals drugs sometimes

wait I just confused myself does “my character” refer to the person sending it in or my character

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